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Woodchem® 2017 is a scientific conference positioned upstream which enables you to:

  • Be part of an event dedicated to an important topic: making use of local resources, identifying alternatives to fossil fuels, developing more environmentally-friendly chemicals.
  • Be seen as a player in the bio-based chemistry, one of the most promising industrial segments of the green economy.
  • To promote your business’s image through communication geared towards sustainable development and innovation.
  • To network efficiently by building your network of clients and partners and establishing useful contacts with participants and speakers.

Contact :

Hélène MEYER
Marketing and Events Manager
Tel.: +33 (3) 70 29 98 00

First announcement and call for papers

The WOODCHEM® 2017 Congress is an international scientific conference dedicated to wood-based chemistry. We invite authors to contribute with original papers related to the topics covered by Woodchem® 2017 for presentation at the congress. The submitted abstracts will be subject to peer review. Papers accepted for oral presentation will be given 20 minutes presentation time.

Covering a wide range of topics related to chemical and biochemical valorization of wood and the corresponding biomass, WOODCHEM® 2017 will provide an excellent opportunity for discussion and exchange of knowledge between scientists, engineers, industrials, and other specialists, as well as to policy makers and government officials to showcase leading‑edge technology for future sustainable large scaled wood-based industries.

It is our pleasure to invite authors to contribute with oral communications and posters related to the topics covered by the congress and to participate in WOODCHEM® 2017.

Professor Philippe GERARDIN Chairman of WOODCHEM® 2017 -Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

Download the Call For Papers here :

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Pourquoi parrainer WOODCHEM® ?

Woodchem® 2017 est une conférence positionné amont qui vous permet :

  • Pour vous associer à un événement consacré à un sujet à forts enjeux : la valorisation des ressources locales, la recherche d’alternative aux ressources fossiles et le développement d’une chimie plus respectueuse de l’environnement.
  • Pour être perçu comme un acteur de la chimie du végétal, un des segments industriels les plus prometteurs de l’économie verte.
  • Pour valoriser l’image de votre entreprise grâce à une communication orientée développement durable et innovation.
  • Pour travailler efficacement votre carnet d’adresses, en entretenant votre réseau de clients et partenaires et en nouant des contacts utiles avec participants et intervenant.

Download the Call For Papers here :

Contact :

Pôle Fibres-Energivie
Hélène Meyer
Responsable Marketing et Événementiel
+ 33(3) 70 29 98 00

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Sébastien Duprat De Paule (SEPPIC) will present the latest preparation molecules to emerge on the beauty market as well as the growth prospects for the sector.


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