The Conference


Woodchem is an international scientific conference dedicated to wood chemistry and its industrial applications

Energy and ecological transitions mean seeking out alternatives to fossil fuels and require the development of materials and products with a reduced environmental impact.

Plentiful and easily accessible in most countries, wood is a prime raw material for the development of more environmentally-friendly chemicals that are less dependant on fossil fuels.

For the forestry and wood industries, this wood chemistry is an opportunity to further optimise their resource or their coproducts through high added-value applications.

Today new opportunities are also open to chemical manufacturers who can thus offer greener solutions and real alternatives to petrol-based products.

Applications cover a broad spectrum, from housing materials, interiors and transport to personal protective equipment, cosmetology and pharmacology.


The international scientific conference Woodchem, now in its fourth year, offers a unique forum for discussions between stakeholders from the worlds of academia and industry, with a view to promoting the emergence of new industries and new products derived from wood chemistry.

It aims to:

  1. Present an overview of eco-materials derived from wood as well as related bioextraction and conversion processes.
  2. Offer opportunities for scientific and technical discussion, particularly to identify the technological breakthroughs needed.
  3. To act as a catalyst for research and development projects to shape the green chemistry industry and promote any opportunities arising from it.

Who will be there?

Over 200 people are expected to attend including:

  • Researchers
  • Forestry professionals seeking to make optimum use of their resource
  • Chemical manufacturers looking for new sources of molecules in the components and organic substances derived from wood
  • Manufacturers in application markets seeking to offer their clients more environmentally-friendly products
  • Political stakeholders and local authorities interested in the shaping of new industries and new economic opportunities in their geographical areas.

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The conference

The conference, now in its fourth year, intends to offer solutions to major issues: making use of local resources, identifying alternatives to fossil fuels, developing more environmentally-friendly chemicals etc. It is aimed at academia, the forestry sector, the wood industries, chemical industries and stakeholders in the application markets. …

The main themes of the conference

Current research and industry thinking is around the procedures for extracting wood molecules and developing products as a response to market demand: housing/construction, transport, health and hygiene etc.

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