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October 2017

The conference

The conference, now in its fourth year, intends to offer solutions to major issues: making use of local resources, identifying alternatives to fossil fuels, developing more environmentally-friendly chemicals etc. It is aimed at academia, the forestry sector, the wood industries, chemical industries and stakeholders in the application markets. …

The main themes of the conference

Current research and industry thinking is around the procedures for extracting wood molecules and developing products as a response to market demand: housing/construction, transport, health and hygiene etc.

Call for papers

We invite authors to contribute original papers.

Become a sponsor

Get involved in a leading event on a topic with major economic and environmental implications.

Call for papers

We invite authors to contribute with original papers …  (Download the call for paper )

Devenez partenaires

Associer vous à un événement de premier plan sur un thème à forts enjeux économiques et environnementaux.

Scientific Committee

Chairman of WOODCHEM® 2017 : Professor Philippe GERARDIN, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

Pr. Luc Averous, Université de Strasbourg, France

Pr. Nicolas Brosse, Université de Lorraine, France

Dr Julien Bourlier, Pôle Fibres Energivie

Pr. Alain Celzard, Université de Lorraine

Dr. Christine Chirat, UGrenoble INP-Pagora, France

Dr. Francis Colin,INRA, France

Dr. Erwin Dreyer, INRA, France

Pr. Meriem Fournier, AgroParisTech, France

Pr. Christine Gérardin, Université de Lorraine, France

Pr. Stéphane Grelier, Université de Bordeaux, France

Pr. Bjarne Holmbom, Abo Akademi, Finland

Mr Armand Klem, Norske Skog Golbey, France

Dr. Bernard Kurek, INRA, France

Ms Marina Lopez-Guia, Pôle Xylofutur

Pr. Marie Pierre Laborie, University of Freiburg, Germany

Pr. Holger Militz, University of Göttingen, Germany

Mr Rémi Perrin, SOPREMA, France

Pr. Tony Pizzi, Université de Lorraine, France

Pr. Jack Saddler, University of British Columbia, Canada

Pr. Lennart Salmen, Innventia, Sweden

Pr. Tatjana Stevanovic Janezic, Université Laval, Canada

Pr. Wasrin Syafii,Bogor University, Indonesia

Mr Jacky Vandeputte, Pôle IAR

Mr. Pascal Xanthopoulos, Polybridge, France

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